Chris Brown Shows Up To Court With Rihanna
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February 6, 2013

Chris Brown and Rihanna Go To Court Together

Prosecution is trying to stick it to Chris Brown by bringing him back into court claiming he didn’t complete his 180 hours of community service which was a condition of his five year probation.  Chris attorney’s say the claims are frivolous and false.

Prosecutors are saying the document which tracked Chris’s community service hours is inaccurate and therefore either maintained sloppy or falsified, being fraudulent.  They claim dates within the document show community service hours for days Chris was not in town.

Chris Brown gave the prosecution a big in-your-face by showing up to court with the victim, who is Rihanna in this case.  The two arrived at a Los Angeles courthouse together and Rihanna showing her support for #TeamChris by sitting behind him in the courtroom.

The court proceedings however were postponed due to needing more time to review the evidence.  Therefore, Brown is due back in court on April 5th.  Knowing these two they’ll probably be broken up again by time the next court date.

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