Joe Budden Confronts Consequence At Hot 97 Interview
Consequence, Joe Budden, Rap Videos
February 5, 2013

Joe Budden should’ve been a psychiatrist, because he love f*ckin’ wit’ people heads.  This n*gga did some real n*gga sh*t and confronted Consequence while him and his wifey, Jen The Pen, were in the middle of an interview with Hot 97 Morning Show.  They kept the cameras rolling for what was suppose to been a private moment.

Joe Budden felt some type of way about Consequence previous interviews where he told The Breakfast Club that he wouldn’t do a record with Joe Budden and told VladTV he was going to put hands on Joey over Raqi Thunda beef.  For that Joe felt the need to address the situation and approach Consequence face to face.  Respect to Joe Budden for keeping it gangsta.

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