NEW MUSIC: Lil B – Im The Bada$$ [Joey Bada$$ Diss]
Lil B, Rap Audio
February 1, 2013

Lil B threw shots at Joey Bada$$ on this new joint titled I’m The Badass, but in all fairness Joey threw the first punch.  In his track Survival Tactics he raps,

They say hard work pays off /
Well tell the Based God don’t quit his day job

This obviously offended the Based God because he fired back with his own diss record.  However, Lil B is not calling this one a diss track — he’s saying it’is just a warning shot.  I guess that means as long as Joey leave well enough alone then the Based God doesn’t have to return for the kill.

Truth be told, it wasn’t Joey Badass who actually spit the line.  It was his rap partner, Captial Steez, who committed suicide on Christmas Eve.   But, it was Joey’s song so I guess he’s in the line of fire.

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