Leaked Photo Of Keyshia Cole Sucking Dude Off
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November 30, 2012

A sexually explicit photo leaked of what’s suppose to be Keyshia Cole sucking the d*ck of some unknown male.  It’s debatable as to whether or not it’s actually the singer, but the woman in the photo bares a striking resemblance to the singer.  She even has a similar looking shoulder tattoo.  Keyshia makes a statement about the photograph via Twitter, but it’s unclear if she is vehemently denying the picture is actually her.

Some fans say it’s not her, but Keyshia never says its not her.  The woman in the photo portraying to be Keyshia is said to be someone who goes by the twit name, @RedHeadMari.

See for yourself, but be warned it is EXTREMELY SEXUALLY EXPLICIT.


View at your own risk!!!

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