Mark Dice Ridicules & Bullhorns Black Friday Shoppers
Urban Videos
November 25, 2012

Mark Dice, the author of The Resistance Manifesto and The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction, rides through several department stores (Target, Best Buy, and Sears) while Black Friday shoppers wait on line until the store opens.  While driving pass he uses a bullhorn and shouts out obscenities to the patrons.

He tells them they are the reason for the fall of America and the economical financial crisis in the U.S.  He calls them debt slaves, because they would rather spend their money on things they don’t need and get into more debt without having their own personal finances in order.

It may be too much of a reality for some, but Mark make points and might be on to something!  It’s definitely something to think about.  I wonder how many people stepped off line after they gave time for the message to sink in.

What do you think about what Mark was saying?  Did he do it in an inappropriate manner or was it a great way to get through to people?

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