Weezy Suffers A Severe Migraine Or Seizure? Not Sure But He Was Hospitalized Twice
Lil Wayne, Rap News
October 27, 2012

On Friday morning Lil Wayne took a trip to the hospital after his private jet did an emergency landing in Texas.  Reps for the 30-year old rapper say he suffered a “severe migraine” and “dehydration”  saying the reports of him having an epileptic episode are false and overexaggerated.

However, Weezy was hospitalized twice in a single day, which makes it seem serious.  Though, he was also released within hours both times and put on “mandated rest” which backs the reports put out by his camp.

Whatever the case I’m glad homie is doing okay.  Let’s hope nothing more occurs and he gets the rest he needs.  Take care of yourself my dude.

Anyway, I’m on vacation, but had to write something about Tunechi.  I wish him well.  He’s a soldier so I’m sure he’ll pull through and will be back to work soon.  Now I’m back to my vacay and will catch up with you guys soon!!!

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