Waka Flocka Banned From The Entire State Of Virginia
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October 2, 2012

Waka Flocka had no choice but to cancel his upcoming tour dates in Virginia after he learned he was banned from the entire state for his gang affiliation.  Virginia is a commonwealth state so sometimes they make up laws as they go, but this one is absurd.  Waka is a citizen of the United States of America and pays taxes like the rest of us — he should be allowed to go to any state in America as well as live there if he chooses.

This is a case that I hope gets in front of the Supreme courts and they reverse the action, because if U.S. allows this type of behavior from states, then I see no end to the injustice and other states will soon follow suit, causing an uproar.  If they can do this to Waka then I’m sure eventually they’ll try to do it with regular folks who have criminal records or ties.

If you want to personally attack criminals and stop crime then this is not the way to do it!!!  We are UNITED States, not UNITED until we feel we want to do our own thing and deny entry to certain people (blacks).  Trust me this can get out of hand quick.  Let’s hope Waka legal team can nip this in the bud fast!!  #FREEWORLD

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