T-Boz Of TLC Gets Her Own Reality TV Show “Totally T-Boz”
R&B News, T-Boz
October 2, 2012


The cable network channel TLC recruits former TLC R&B group member, T-Boz, for her own reality television show.  The new program is being called Totally T-Boz and will not air until sometime in 2013.  No official premiere date has been determined yet.

The show will be about T-Boz and her daily struggles of trying to rebuild her singing career, raising her 11 year old son, Chance and battling sickle cell anemia as well as other ailing sickness such recovering from a 2006 brain tumor.  The world will get to see what an ordinary day for T-Boz is like.

I’m sure her girlfriend, Chilli will make an appearance or two on the show.  Last year T-Boz filed for bankruptcy and this will likely aid on her financial recovery.  It’s good to see the “No Scrub” singer not being a “scrub” herself and making a comeback.  She definitely should be inspiration for others out here who battle diseases and sickness.  She’s a fighter!!

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