Papoose Talks About Trayvon Martin Murder Case
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March 26, 2012

George Zimmerman gunned down a young teenager, Trayvon Martin, with seemingly racial motivation being the only reason for the brutal slaughter, because there was no reason for Zimmerman to follow Trayvon or feel threatened by his presence in his neighborhood.

However, George still remains a free man with no charges brought against him for the murder, because he is loosely being protected by Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law.  Though, George days are numbered and its just a matter of time before he meets a jail cell.

Self defense or not, there is no reason to gun a man down especially after you are the clear pursuant.  Trayvon did not do anything wrong.  He simply was walking in the rain from the store to his fathers’ fiancee house.

Even if Trayvon did look suspicious it was no reason for Zimmerman to harass the young man.  No crime was committed.  Zimmerman is a overzealous neighborhood watch patrolman who was looking for trouble.  Neighborhood watch don’t suppose to report the suspicion of a crime, they report a CRIME.  No crime took place.

It’s not right to bring a gun to a fistfight and then kill someone because they were beating your ass.  None of this would have ever happened if Zimmerman just minded his business and let Trayvon go on his way.

Just because was a stranger in the neighborhood there was no reason to question him.  He could look as suspicious as he wants, but if you do not witness him committing any crimes then let him be.  If you hear later that a crime was committed then you can bring up his name.  Why is a neighborhood watch dude carrying a deadly weapon?  You’re NEIGHBOORHOOD WATCH!  Stay in your lane.

Anyway, Papoose sits down with Forbes DVD and like everyone else he puts his two cents in on the case.

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