Kat Stacks Confesses She Lied About Soulja Boy Sniffing Cocaine
Kat Stacks, Rap News, Soulja Boy
March 26, 2012


Kat Stacks has nothing but time to reflect on her past life since she is still sitting behind bars.  It seems she may have developed a conscious and wants to make right with the wrong and lies she has told.

Kat finally comes forward and admits that she lied about Soulja Boy using cocaine at the hotel room.  She says the shower scene was staged and the supposed coke was nothing but crushed up Advil.

Who knows why she did it, likely for the attention, but she has decided to come clean and tell the truth.  Unfortunately, in her case the truth will not set her free.  She still sits in jail with the threat of deportation.  Lucky for her though, she still is able to keep her fans abreast on her proceedings.






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