Ghostface Killah Son Singing Beyonce Song “1+1” [WTF] & Ghost Responds
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March 22, 2012

It bothers me when the gods get to acting like the broads . . .

Someone needs to tell little man to man up and say it wit’ his chest!!!  Is this what happens to our youngin’ when they “stop bullying” in schools?  I’m not going to disrespect, because it’s the god Ghostface Killah son, but I wonder how Ghost feels about his son antics.

In any event, the lil nicca got a voice and can probably go places, but I’d doubt we’ll see him being inducted into the Wu-Tang Clan anytime soon, who knows???


UPDATE 3/22/2012 @ 4:25PM (EST)

Ghostface Responds to the Internet Buzzin’ About His Son:

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