Phaedra Parks From Real Housewives Of Atlanta Exposed By Ex-Friend
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March 19, 2012

Here’s another he say/she say story coming from a disgruntled former friend, Angela Stanton, who is seemingly out to cash in on a run in the mud story about the Real Housewives Of Atlanta cast member, Phaedra Parks.

Angela has written a memoir detailing her past relationship with Phaedra and her husband Apollo as well as his brother EvrettVibe Magazine caught up with Angela to hear her side of the story.  She even boldly reveals a criminal past and how the four of them ran elaborate scams together.  Angela is angry because Phaedra, Apollo, and Everett left her out to dry and tried to pin the illicit crimes on her.

So let me get this straight,the scam artist Angela is pissed off that she got scammed by other scam artists.  Did she really expect criminals to provide her with aid and loyalty.  There is no honor amongst thieves.  If you not built to do the time then don’t do the crime.  Simple as that.  Lesson learned, now move on with life.

In any event, Angela story is very convincing.  Her coach vs. football analogy was deep.  For some reason I believe her story.  I’m guessing the truth will reveal itself soon enough.  But does anyone really care???

If you do care then watch Part II and Part III of this video to find out what happened next.

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