Don Cornelius Killed Himself To Avoid Paying Life Insurance To His Ex-Wife
Don Cornelius, Urban News
February 2, 2012

As you may know a life insurance policy commonly carries some stipulations and one of those stipulations is that in the act of suicide the insurance company can choose not to pay out on the policy.

However, every policy has its own rules and regulations.  It has been learned in Don Cornelius case, under California law if a policyholder commits suicide within two years from the date the policy was issued then the insurance company can deny payment to the beneficiary.  Unfortunately, Don had the policy for over two years, so it’s likely the beneficiary (Don’s ex-wife) will get the cash totaling around $300,000.

Don could not simply cancel the life insurance policy or change the beneficiary because it was a court ordered judgment that Don make his ex-wife, Viktoria Chapman Cornelius beneficiary of both his life insurance policies.  Obviously this must have angered Don so much that he tried to do anything to stop her from receiving a penny, even if it meant taking his own life.

Right now this is only speculation and no one know yet the exact reason why Don committed suicide, but it makes much more sense, because I couldn’t wrap my head around why a 75 year old man would commit suicide, well to avoid his estranged wife from getting rich off his death is the answer!!  Don was already having health issues and he likely knew his time was coming and wanted to seize the moment.

If this rumor is true then its shameful, especially since Viktoria may still reap the rewards.  I hope it was all worth it at the end of the day.  R.I.P. Don.

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