Waka Flocka Recruits Suge Knight To Manage Brick Squad Monopoly
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October 23, 2011

Waka Flocka clears up and confirms all the rumors of him and Suge Knight joining forces. Waka tells XXL that he has brought Suge Knight on board to help him run and grow Brick Squad Monopoly label. This is an unlikely pair up, but hopefully it all works out well. Here’s what Waka had to say,

“It’s valid. It ain’t no rumors. It’s what it is. You gotta really start pulling in people in the game who know the game. Suge is not the only one. I’ma start snatching in the real ones. Suge helped me get a good movie deal. Now I need to get on the TV screen. Ain’t nothing wrong with fuckin’ with some Gs. I fuck with Master P too. They’re just good for information, homie.

He’s helping me oversee the company. I’m not trying to be ‘Pac, I’m not trying to be Death Row. I’m Brick Squad Monopoly. My mother is still my manager. I ain’t changing shit. It is what it is. But it’s like having Jordan and Kobe. Why not play with both?”

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