Sgt. Shamar Thomas [Marine Activist] Vs. New York City Police Department
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October 19, 2011

Sgt. Shamar Thomas from Roosevelt, NY made his point and took an #OccupyTimesSquare stance. The marine took on the NYPD in Times Square and became a overnight celebrity.

In the last few days NYC has being showing increased violence between citizens and police officers. Sgt. Thomas is quizzically asking why? There are peaceful protest happening throughout the city, a large enough demonstration to deem riot control, but at a violence level so low it doesn’t justify riot control.

The presence of police has increased the violence level, but moreso because the brutality officers are inflicting on the people. Sgt. Thomas isn’t standing for this and makes himself heard with his aggressive demeanor and berating of the police. The boisterous sergeant is our modern day hero. It’s good to see we still have people who will speak their mind and not afraid to expose the truth. March on my brother!

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