Rick Ross Suffers A Second Seizure And Is Hospitalized Again
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October 15, 2011

Rick Ross tried to make his promise to Memphis TN and get to his show last night, but the big guy health isn’t in the right condition. The first seizure occurred early yesterday morning on his travel flight from Fort Lauderdale to Memphis. The plane was turned around and he was administered medical attention as well as hospitalized for a few hours.

Later in the day after being released from the hospital Rozay still tried making his trip, but caught another seizure on the second plane and the plane was landed in Birmingham, AL where he is currently hospitalized, but in stable condition.

The big homie needs to cool out and slow it down a bit. Chill with the drinking and smoking, lose some weight, and get more health conscious. It’s no joke! I hope he’s taking heed to all these signs.

Wish you the best Ricky Rozay! Hope you get well soon! Hire a personal trainer and dietician/chef to prepare your meals. Put the liquor and blunts down for a while. Cancel your upcoming shows for the week and feel better my dude!


Ross filmed this yesterday when he thought he’d still make his Memphis show:

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