Mike Jones Ex-Fiancee Says Weight Loss Is Not Due to Diet or Exercise
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July 3, 2011


Twitter is one hell of a drug People are so addicted to it that they feel the need to divulge the most private moments of their lives for the entire world to digest. Some things should just be left unsaid, but our human emotions sometimes get the best of us!!


Mike Jones got into a spat with his ex-fiance, aspiring model Vivica, which spilled over into Twitter and turned ugly when she put him on blast by telling the world he lives with his momma and his recent weight loss isn’t due to exercising and dieting. It leaves us wondering what could it be!! Drugs, disease, surgery, etc.???


Mike Jones who once had a hit record self-titled, Mike Jones has of lately been mia, until recently when shocking photos of him were leaked showing a slimmed down Mike Jones. It’s been reported that he lost at least 100 pounds in just months’ time!!

Vivica simply puts more questions in people minds about Mike’s weight loss program, because it’s nearly impossible to lose that much weight in a short timespan even when sticking to a strict diet and exercise plan. Could it be a crack diet? Or maybe he got the package! Or did he have a medical procedure no one knows about?? Who knows? But we know it’s not the healthy diet and exercise he tried telling us! Here’s Vivica responding via Twitter to some of the outlandish things Mike Jones did in the past few days to shift the focus of his weight loss.

Losing Weight Fast Mike Jones


Mike Jones gets skinnier



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