Flavor Flav Ex-Partner Responds To Claims Of Business Mismanagement
Flavor Flav, Rap News
April 28, 2011


Earlier in the week Flavor Flav had his attorney’s pull the licensing agreement he had with business partner, Nick Cimino. Nick and Flav went into the fried chicken business after Nick had the vision to use Flavor’s fame and brand to open a restaurant in Clinton, Iowa,


The new restaurant opened in January 2011 and was short lived after Flav made claims the business was mismanaged. Cimino says it’s just not true and Flavor never knew how the business operated because he was hands-off.


Here’s what Nick told The Baltimore Sun, “I started this, I put together everything from the menu to the color of the building to the sign. I did everything. What Flav’s doing, he’s a fraud. He doesn’t want to be hurt with the other ventures he’s doing and he wants to become a millionaire off my dime, off my ideas.”


Well, I ask what did Nick expect? He really thought a celebrity figure was going to be involved with day to day operations. They had a licensing agreement which gave Nick the right to use Flavor Flav’s face, image, brand, and name to promote the business and Flav made a percentage of profits (I assume).


Otherwise, it would have just been another chicken joint that would have never received the popularity and fame it garnered! The media will have never talked about the place without Flav’s name all over the business. If he didn’t want Flav to steal his idea and run out on his own to do what anyone could do themselves, then he should of had a non-compete clause in place or something legally binding.


Nick you say Flavor is trying to make millions off your idea, but your idea included using his name to drive business and generate sales, so what are you doing? Trying to make millions off flav’s fame and success. Who’s using who here? Let’s be very clear.


The words out of Nick’s mouth is a tell-tell sign that he is a bad businessman. He really thought Flav would be in the store cooking, creating menus, designing the restaurant, etc. It’s your business dummy, not Flavor Flav business. He just endorses your business — you needed a famous face to get people in the door and Flav was your man — he’s not there to help you run or manage your business. You didn’t see Tiger Woods designing Gillette razors or holding a day to day position behind the scenes? He endorsed the product, that’s it!! His job is done! Same with Flavor. He let you use his name and face . . . his job was done! Now because of your foolishness, your business is done! You could have really had a successful business if only you did things right!

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