Styles P Opens A Fresh Juice Bar In Bronx NY
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April 27, 2011


David Styles PStyles has entered into a new business venture with his two friends, Nyger Rollocks and Leo Galvez. They opened a fresh juice bar called, Juices for Life on Castle Hill Avenue in the Bronx.


The guys all met in Harlem at Rollocks already existing juice bar. Styles P became a fan of the juice diet when he learned how it worked. Styles said, “I was eating a lot of fast food, but Rollocks got me eating right. Our first goal is to get everyone a little more health conscious.”


Juices for Life is in Galvez neighborhood, as he wanted to build a juice bar closer to his home. He said, “Nyger used to let me help out [at the juice bar in Harlem]. I just started reading about juicing, buying and reading juice books and I wanted to bring something healthy back into this community. I used to have to drive all the way to Harlem to a get a good juice.”


Juices for Life uses fresh fruits and vegetables. It is laced with exercise equipment, pull up bars, sitting area, and more. It’s becoming a popular staple in the Castle Hill Bronx area.


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