Ciara Still Knows How To Get Under Bow Wow Skin
Bow Wow, Ciara, Rap Videos
April 21, 2011


It’s no secret that Ciara put that kitty kat on Bow Wow and got him love struck, but that was years ago, didn’t know she still got a hold on him!!! That meow must be something special!!! She’s still that one person who can make Bow Wow come out of his character.


Last month, Bow Wow publicly tweeted Ciara saying they should perform their collaboration single, Like You at Supafest in Australia this year. Ciara tweeted back in concert wit’ the idea and expressing that could be amazing <keyword COULD>.




Well, Supafest came and went — no Ciara. She did a “no show” and this obviously pissed Bow Wizzle off!!! He made it known while performing live this past weekend at Supafest!!!



I’m pretty sure this is why things ended the first time! Why put her on blast because she decided not to obligate herself to you? It seems a bit controlling and childish! Bow Wow you a young adult now, you can do better!

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