NBA Fines NJ Nets $50K Because Jay-Z Visited University Of Kentucky Players
Jay-Z, Rap News
April 9, 2011


Jay-Z did the wrong thing when he went out there to Lexington, KY and visited the University of Kentucky. Jay-Z is a minority owner of the New Jersey Nets. This prohibits him from meeting with any college team or player (especially right before draft season).


It’s a strict NBA guideline. Although, Jay-Z probably visited without any malicious intent he was still in violation while even being a minority (1.5%) owner. For his actions the National Basketball Association (NBA) fined the NJ Nets $50,000. That ain’t nothing to a bunch of billionaires, but still enough to make Jigga have a second thought about visiting a college team again.


Hopefully that will be the only infraction suffered and this is the last we’ll hear about this case. Hov got his slap on the wrist, let’s move on now. Anyway, the college kids seemed to be more happy to meet Jay-Z the rapper instead of Jay-Z the franchise owner.

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