Tyler The Creator Let’s Us Know Why It’s Cool To Be Him! Just Be You!
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April 6, 2011

The reason why people actually like Tyler the Creator and the Wolf Gang crew is because these dudes are real. Well at least I can say that about Tyler. He doesn’t care what others think, but below the surface we all know he’s a little wounded. But know what he probably doesn’t give a f~ck!



Dude is creating a brand. Not band! bRand! It’s very possible that Odd Future can have a short run, but that just means they are a short sale. Five yeas or less contract. Get that money while their hot. Then drop him when they start fading away.


Some people think OFWGKTA is soon going away for good, but I don’t think so. Tyler is very smart and aware. He knows exactly what’s going on and pays attention to numbers. Even though it appears you don’t know what Tyler is gonna say next, Tyler is very coordinated and calculated. This crew appeals to a whole different fanbase over a wide spectrum, very marketable! Ching…Ching!

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