Diddy, Jay-Z, Rifkind, & Jimmy Iovine All Want To Sign Odd Future (OFWGKTA)
Odd Future, Rap News
April 4, 2011


Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All is the being sought after by the major record labels.  They’ve built a brand that the record companies want to capitalize off of.  It’s shocking to see Diddy in bidding wars to sign Odd Future since he’s such a spiritual person.  In fact, Jay-Z, Steve Rifkind, and Jimmy Iovine wants a piece of the action as they have shown interest in signing the group as well.


What’s even more shocking is that Odd Future are making demands before agreeing to meet with the record execs.  They told Diddy they wanted to meet Justin Bieber before they had their meeting and guess what??  Diddy delivered!!  Tyler the Creator told Jimmy Iovine if he’s serious about meeting then he wants Randy Donuts, swivel chairs, and a megaphone.  These guys are insane and bullying their way into the game.  This is definitely a different bunch. 


Are these guys all hype or are they really the future?  What do you think?


source:  NYPost Page Six

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