Wiz Khalifa Is All Lost In Love
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April 2, 2011


Amber Rose done put the golden kitty on the homie Wiz Khalifa because it seems he can’t live without her.  It’s being rumored that Wiz plans to marry Amber once he returns from a month long tour as he already proposed and she has accepted.  It’s also rumored she will make the wedding arrangements while he’s away on tour.  It hasn’t yet been confirmed by Amber or Wiz himself, but his recent acts and talks would make one believe that he’s ready for marriage.



On a recent Angie Martinez Show interview Wiz was obviously open and could barely talk about anything else but his boo, Amber.  When he dropped the track Phone Numbers off the Cabin Fever mixtape he made a reference in the intro saying “I”m not gonna tell you again!  Stay the hell away from my woman!”  Then more recently a new pic of a tattoo with the word “Amb” on the inner thumb of his right hand popped up on the web.  The homie obviously has strong feelings about the girl.


pic courtesy of KarenCivil


I say do your thang Wiz.  I don’t hate on anyone’s love.  It’s between you and the one you love!!!  Let the haters hate.  You a grown man so no one can tell you what to do, but I plead and beg you to get prenup if you decide to jump the broom!!  More power to you homie!!  Wish you and Amber all the best!!  Ride it’ till the wheels fall off . . .


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